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Nothing gives me a larger and more vicious headache than the endless petty litigation over "genre" and who belongs or doesn't belong in one and why. The fact that no one will listen to your music if you don't come "pre-tagged" by some self-appointed gatekeeper just compounds the stress. That goes for all the "post-" and "-adjacent" stuff too.

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The Raspberries "Go All the Way" is the ultimate Power Pop song.

Paul Collins's first band The Nerves were great Power Pop.

It is a funny genre since it bleeds into other things at the edges.

Like Badfinger -- guitar pop but not Power Pop.

The Arrows original version of I Love Rock'N'Roll - Glam or Power Pop?

Great stuff whatever you call it.

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Go go Goodson! Love Dazy.

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Got to see Dazy last night thanks to the tour dates you posted here 🙏 Killer live show!

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